2865 Fair Avenue | Columbus, Ohio 43209

St. Catharine Preschool Tuition

August 29, 2016-May 26, 2017


A.M. Preschool Program

Days                                                  Time                                     Yearly Tuition

Tuesday/Thursday                          8:30 am- 11:30 am              $1512

Monday/Wed./Friday                     8:30 am- 11:30 am              $2135

Pre-K or Mixed Age (M-F)             8:15 am-11:45 am                $2655

Children may arrive as early as 8:15 am with no additional charge.  We ask all children be here by 9:00 am.


Extended Day  Preschool

This program is designed to offer a full day program for families that need consistent care on a full time basis.   The full day program starts at 7: 30 am and ends at 6:oo pm.  Extended day tuition is in addition to the A.M. Preschool Program. 


Days                                      Additional Yearly Tuition

2 Days                                                $1602

3 Days                                                $2340

5 Days                                                $3420


Families may pay in full or use the St. Catharine School FACTS tuition management program.   FACTS payments are made over an 11 month period.

Our drop-in program allows families that may need extended hours from time to time. Families must give 24 hour notice and space is based on first come, first serve basis.   In addition, families will be billed monthly. 

Lunch Bunch                         11:30 am- 12:45 pm                        $ 7  per session


Extended Full Day               7:30 am  -6:00 pm                             $25 per day